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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you.  If you have any additional questions that we have not addressed, please contact us and we will get back to your promptly.

Q. How much disability insurance do I need?
A.  This depends on your age, net worth, income, number of dependents, financial obligations and many more variables. We will work with you to conduct a comprehensive review of your personal situation as well as your life goals to assist you in coming up with an amount that is appropriate for you.

Q.  What is critical illness insurance?
A.  Critical illness insurance is a policy that insures you if you come down with a critical illness that is specified as being covered by the policy. An example is cancer. The critical illness policy will pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specified medical condition.
Q.  How do I know if I am insurable?
A.   We have extensive experience in handling both disability insurance and health insurance for individuals with various health conditions. We will usually know what is the best approach in trying secure coverage at the best price possible. However, if you do have health issues, taking a physical exam and having your application reviewed by an underwriter is almost always going to be required.

Q.   Should I purchase my health insurance through my employer or on an individual policy?
A.   You will usually get the best price and coverage through an employer sponsored plan. This is particularly true if your employer is subsidizing the premium.

Q.   Can I purchase disability insurance if I am self-employed?
A.   Yes, usually if you are in good health and can document your earnings.

Q.  The law on estate taxes has recently been changed. Does this mean I need to adjust my will or the way I set up my estate?
A.   Probably. We can conduct a review for you and recommend adjustments if necessary.

Q.   Can I get my paramed exam done at my home?
A.   Yes.

Q.   Do you handle key person disability insurance?
A.   Yes, we do.

Q.   How can I calculate how much I should be saving towards retirement?
A.   This will depend on your expected income needs at retirement. You will have to make several assumptions to calculate the amount of savings needed to fund those retirement income needs. These assumptions include one regarding the rate of return you think you will earn on your investments, the inflation rate and your life expectancy.
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